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Crime Patrol: Patiala couple among seven arrested for servant’s murder (Episode 738 on 25th November, 2016)

A Patiala couple and five others were arrested for the murder of their 19-year-old domestic help, Anup Kumar, on June 3, 2022. The main accused, Madhurjeet Sharma, suspected that Anup had an affair with his wife, Sonia Sharma. He shot Anup in the head and called his friends and employees working in his drug de-addiction centre to dispose of the corpse. They buried the body in an empty plot near the de-addiction centre, poured acid on it, and threw the remaining body parts in the Bhakra canal to destroy all evidence.

The crime remained undiscovered for over a month until the police received a tip-off. They recovered gloves, the victim's hair, and five empty acid cans. Sonia, who works as a teacher in Summer Valley School, informed Anup's brother, Anupam Verma, that his brother was missing. When the police recovered Anup's phone, they found recordings that suggested Sonia's illicit relationship with Anup. Mickey then decided to pour acid on the grave to conceal the evidence, but the police already had leads on the case. The couple and five others were arrested, while two others are still evading arrest.

The incident reveals the brutal treatment of domestic help in India and highlights the power dynamics at play. The Patiala couple's actions demonstrated their disregard for human life, and their attempts to cover up the crime show a lack of remorse for their actions. The arrests, however, demonstrate the commitment of the police to ensure justice for the victims of such heinous crimes.

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