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Crime Patrol: Two held for Vaishali Nagar rape & dacoity, 1 arrested in Bangladesh (Episode 732, 733 on 5th, 6th November, 2016)

Jaipur police, with the help of Kolkata and Bangladesh police teams, has apprehended three suspects connected to a dacoity, attempted murder, and rape case that shocked a family in Vaishali Nagar on September 19. Two other Bangladeshis who were involved in the crime are expected to be arrested soon. Despite humiliation, the police solved the case using 16 specialized teams, with one vital clue provided by a Windows phone stolen from the Vaishali Nagar house. The phone contained photographs that led the police to the accused, one of whom was arrested from Khulna in Bangladesh.

According to Police Commissioner Junga Sriniwas Rao, the accused began planning the crime on September 13, with five individuals involved in the attempt to murder and dacoity, and two in the gang involved in the rape. Salim and Arif were living in Jaipur for an extended period and were part of a professional gang, with the other three coming to Jaipur from Bangladesh. They conducted a recce of various localities and planned to commit the dacoity at a house in Chitrakut locality, in Vaishali Nagar.

The accused gathered at a vacant plot in the neighborhood just an hour before the crime occurred on September 19, dismantled the window grill of the kitchen, and then fled the scene after the crime. Later, they were facilitated by locals to reach Jaisinghpura. During the investigation, the police found SIM cards of stolen mobiles near Jaisinghpura and spoke to some Bangladeshis in the area, discovering that three persons from Bangladesh had come to visit Salim and Arif on September 13. By using the Windows phone, Kolkata Police helped Jaipur Police to connect with their Bangla counterpart, leading to the arrest of one of the suspects in Khulna, Bangladesh.

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