Mother murdered by ninth grader in Udgir

Latur: A shocking incident has taken place in Udgir district where a freshman killed his mother by giving betel nut to six friends. The accused boy had given betel nut worth Rs 3 lakh 25 thousand to six of his friends for killing his mother. Importantly, the boy had also given a deposit of Rs 15 lakh to his friends for the murder. Police have arrested two persons in the case and arrested one. Two of the six accused are minors.

The boy's hobbies and the mother's opposition The boy's father, Prashant Pensalwar, is a big grocer in Udgir. They have a grocery store in the main market. Seeing the child's hobbies, the mother was constantly blocking him. Was opposed to taking money from the shop. His anger was in the boy's mind. Therefore, he had given orders to friends of Palam and Udgir in Parbhani to kill his mother.

Cut to the chase!Under the pretext of repairing the AC, the children broke into the house and stabbed the mother in the neck with a threaded weapon. It killed Pranita Pencilwar. The burglars broke into the house with the intention of robbing the gold and the boy had pretended to kill the mother. The boy also had injuries on his own hand. Meanwhile, the city of Udgir was closed for a day in protest of the killings. Police were under pressure to track down the killers. Eventually, the boy killed his mother by giving betel nuts to his friends.

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Bombay High Court
Shubham S/O. Shivaji Maske vs The State Of Maharashtra on 29 September, 2018

The applicant, who is accused No.6 in Sessions Case No. 39 of 2016 arising out of Crime No.118 of 2016 registered in Police Station, Udgir City, District Latur, for the offences punishable under Sections 302, 394, 451 and 120-B of the Indian Penal Code (for short, "IPC"), has sought bail in the above mentioned crime.

2. The mother of accused No.1 - Soham Pensalwar, 2 ba1089-18 according to him, was keeping him under restraints and ill-treating him. Therefore, he decided to kill his mother namely, Pranita. He conspired with accused No.2 to commit her murder and offered to pay Rs.3,26,000/- for killing her. He paid accused No.2 Rs.1,76,000/- from time to time. Accused Nos. 3 to 5, 7 and the present applicant joined that conspiracy. The present applicant is alleged to have accompanied accused No.2 and assisted him in purchasing two daggers from a shop at Nanded on 25.05.2016. It is alleged that on 26.05.2016 at about 12.45 p.m., accused No.2 and three others went to the house of accused No.1 on the pretext of repairing A.C. Accused No.1 placed a towel on the face of Pranita and pushed her down on the cot. He pressed mouth of Pranita. Accused No.3 Vijay stabbed by means of a dagger on the neck of Pranita. The dagger missed from his hand and went under the hand of Pranita. Accused No.3 Vijay then asked accused No.4 Wajid to handover another dagger to him, which was in a bag. Accordingly, accused No.4 Wajid took out that dagger and gave it to accused No.3 Vijay. He then cut the throat of Pranita by means of that dagger. He further took away a gold Mangalsutra worth of Rs.10,300/-, which was around in the neck of 3 ba1089-18 Pranita. The applicant is alleged to have thrown away the daggers, which were used for committing murder of Prantia, in a water tank at Palam. Since the present applicant played active role in the conspiracy of committing murder of Pranita, he came to be arrested on 01.06.2016...