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Crime Patrol: Mother murdered by ninth grade son in Udgir (Episode 744 on 9 Dec, 2016)

A disturbing incident has occurred in Udgir district, where a ninth-grade boy conspired with six of his friends to murder his mother by giving them betel nuts worth Rs 3 lakh 25 thousand. The boy had also paid a deposit of Rs 15 lakh to his friends for the murder. Two of the accused were minors, and the police have arrested two persons in connection with the case.

The father of the boy is a prominent grocer in Udgir, and the mother was opposed to the boy's hobbies and taking money from the shop. This constant opposition angered the boy, who ordered his friends to kill his mother. Under the pretext of repairing the AC, the children broke into the house and stabbed the mother in the neck with a threaded weapon, killing her. The burglars broke into the house with the intention of robbing gold, while the boy pretended to be unaware of the murder. The boy also had injuries on his own hand.

The city of Udgir observed a day-long closure in protest of the heinous crime, and the police were under immense pressure to track down the culprits. Eventually, the boy was caught, and he confessed to his crime of giving betel nuts to his friends to murder his mother. The incident has sent shockwaves across the community, and the boy's actions have been condemned by everyone.

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