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Crime Patrol: Property dealer shot in Sonepat (Episode 745, 746 on 10th, 11th December, 2016)

Police have solved the murder case of property dealer Ashok in Bayanpur Khurd in Sonipat, Haryana, which occurred in 2012. They have arrested the victim's brother-in-law's wife and her lover in connection with the murder. The incident was a result of a dispute over financial transactions. Ashok had an argument with his brother-in-law's family over a sum of 17 lakh rupees. On 23 September 2012, the wife and her lover met Ashok and shot him. The police exposed the crime after questioning the victim's sister-in-law and her lover.

The investigation also revealed that Jyoti, a newlywed from Kasni village in Jhajjar district, was murdered by her husband Raju four years ago in exchange for a settlement of 17 lakh rupees. Raju was the victim's younger brother. Jyoti had accompanied Raju to meet Ashok when the murder occurred. The police began investigating Raju and Jyoti's case after finding a connection between the two cases.

Initially, the police suspected Jyoti of Ashok's murder. However, after surveilling her for several days, they discovered the real culprits. The police arrested the two accused, and they confessed to their crime. The case is a reminder that disputes over money can lead to extreme measures and the importance of the police's role in solving such crimes.

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