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Crime Patrol: Munirka double murder: Main accused held, victim’s missing head found in pipe (Episode 779, 780 on 18th, 19th Mar 2017)

The discovery of a decapitated body of a woman in a sewer in Munirka building sent shockwaves throughout the community. A week later, another body was found in the same sewer. The investigation was finally leading somewhere after the police arrested one of the culprits, Arjun Thapa, who provided information that led to the discovery of the head of Sonam, one of the murdered women. Sonam's head was found in another sewer, only 10 meters away from the building. The police had searched this sewer twice before, but they had only checked the waste-in and waste-out pipes.

Arjun's live-in partner and their cook were also arrested for their involvement in the murder of the two freelance spa therapists, Sonam and Nayesha. Arjun's greed for money and a love triangle between him, Neha, and Sonam were the motive behind the brutal murder. The investigation revealed that Arjun had hideouts in different states, including Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. However, he was finally arrested from near Waterworks Crossing in Agra, as he planned to move to a South Indian city and continue his spa-related facilitation services. Arjun's arrest was crucial in the case, as he was the main conspirator, and only he could tell the exact motive behind the murders.

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