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Crime Patrol: Tour operator held for killing sister-in-law (Episode 796, 797 on 28th, 29th Apr, 2017)

Govind Arjun Takbhate, a resident of Pimpri, was leading a double life. He was married to his wife, but he had secretly wedded another woman named Ashwini Shivkumar Pardeshi. Ashwini was Govind's sister-in-law, and the two had decided to keep their marriage a secret from Govind's wife and family.

However, one day, Ashwini found out that Govind was already married and had a family. She feared that Govind's secret would be exposed and decided to confront him. Unfortunately, Govind didn't take kindly to being threatened and decided to get rid of Ashwini.

Govind and his accomplice kidnapped Ashwini and took her to Chakan-Talegaon Road, where they buried her body. They later moved her remains to Khandvi village in Barshi taluka of Solapur district and burnt it in a field.

Ashwini's elder sister Swati Takbhate filed a missing person's report on February 10, and the police started investigating. Initially, Govind tried to throw them off his trail by saying that Ashwini was happy and married. However, the police were suspicious and investigated further.

On February 12, the police arrested Govind, and during interrogation, he confessed to his crime. He was charged with the murder of Ashwini and was sentenced to life in prison. The incident shocked the local community, and Govind's family was left to deal with the aftermath of the tragedy caused by his deceitful behavior.

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