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Crime Patrol: हत्यारोपियों के जाल में फंसकर पुलिस तीन साल तक भटकती रही - police revealed young man murder (Episode 802, 803, 804 on 12, 13, 14th May, 2017)

Geeta Devi, a resident of Devipur, filed a kidnapping report against a person living in her village. However, during the interrogation, the accused revealed that the missing person is Geeta Devi’s husband, Vinod, who was murdered and thrown into the Kali river. The police found Vinod's body in the river on Wednesday evening, and arrested the suspects, who were his brother-in-law and nephew.

According to the police, Vinod was murdered as revenge for raping his sister-in-law, who was married. The incident happened in July 2016, when Vinod gave the victim a drugged cup of tea and raped her. After the incident, Vinod started blackmailing her, which led her to take her own life by consuming poison.

Geeta Devi knew about her husband's crime, but did not file a police report. The victim's brother, the accused, found out about the crime and planned the murder of Vinod. The accused have been arrested, and a case has been registered against them.

The story revolves around a case of revenge and the consequences of committing a crime. It highlights the importance of seeking justice and the repercussions of keeping a crime a secret.

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