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Crime Patrol: Akansha killed because she found Udyan’s secret (Episode 799, 800, 801 on 5th, 6th, 7th May, 2017)

Udayan Das had always been a strange character. In 2010, he killed both his parents and buried their bodies in the garden. But it was his live-in partner, Akansha Sharma, who would ultimately lead to his downfall. He killed her in July 2016 and entombed her body in a metal box inside his bedroom. Das poured concrete over the box and covered it with marble, creating a macabre mausoleum.

After the crime was discovered, Das was arrested and brought to court. He was convicted of the murder and sentenced to life in prison. The courtroom, which was once packed during the earlier hearings, was nearly empty because of Covid-19 restrictions.

During the hearing, Das remained nonchalant and expressed no remorse for his actions. Instead, he told the judge that he planned to challenge the order in a higher court.

Das had met Sharma in 2007 through Orkut, a defunct social networking site. He had convinced her that he was a professional based in the US. Sharma left her parents' house in June 2016 and met Das in Delhi. Their relationship turned sour, and Das killed her on December 27 of that year.

Das's heinous crimes had shocked the nation and left a trail of sorrow and grief in their wake. Though justice had been served, the memory of his gruesome deeds would remain forever etched in the minds of those who had heard of them.

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