BANKURA: Akansha Sharma had begun to suspect Udyan Das and was looking for evidence of his US lie when she stumbled upon the double murder of his parents, Bengal police said on Tuesday. Udyan killed her to cover up the murders when she refused to fall for his pleading to "let bygones be bygones", they say.
Bankura police held a press conference on the last day of his remand to outline the chain of events in the sensational case. Udyan now wants to sign a confession before a magistrate. Bankura police may move a petition on Wednesday for this.
According to police, Akansha saw through Udyan barely a week after moving in with him in Bhopal. "On June 29-30, Akansha, while browsing Udyan's cupboard, came across the fake passports of his parents Indrani and V K Das (who were apparently 'settled in the States'), and her mother's fake death certificate.

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