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Crime Patrol: प्रेमी के साथ मिलकर पति को मौत के घाट उतारा। (Episode 824 - 825 - Case 44 /2017 on 1st & 2nd July, 2017)

A Deadly Love Affair: Rubina and Jeetendra's Sinister Plot to Eliminate Javed

Rubina had just gotten married to Javed 26 days ago. However, she had a secret affair with Jeetendra Kushwaha, who lived in their village. Due to family pressure, Rubina had married Javed. But after her wedding, she and Jeetendra plotted to kill her husband. After carrying out the murder, Jeetendra disposed of the body in a pit, with Rubina's help. Javed had been missing since December 30, 2016, and the police had been investigating the case. After interrogating the suspects, the case was finally solved on Monday.

Rubina and Jeetendra lured Javed to the village, pretending to want to meet him. Jeetendra then took Javed to Naugawan, a nearby village, under the pretext of showing him around. Instead, they sat in a park where they killed him. Rubina was willing to go to any length to be with Jeetendra. She plotted and killed her own husband, leaving her family and society in shock. Jeetendra and Rubina are now in police custody, facing trial for the heinous crime they committed. Their love story turned out to be a nightmare for Javed, who paid the ultimate price for their love.
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