Indore: A woman and her businessman husband were arrested in Dharampuri, Dhar district, on Thursday for murdering her lover, whose headless and mutilated body was found in a jungle and buried as an unidentified victim.
A lone finger ring busted the couple's plans, say police. They plan to exhume the body for forensic tests.
The victim, Salman Khan, was reported missing by his family in Indore's Chandannagar on January 11. Cops went looking for him and nearby police stations were alerted but there was no sign of him. Three days later, a body was found in the jungles in Dharampuri. The head lay some distance away and it had been chewed by wild animals. His private parts had been chopped off by the killers.

Dharampuri police could not able to identify him and buried the body. About three days ago, Indore police contacted them about the missing Salman. His brother was sent to Dharampuri. He could not identify the clothes but said a ring was Salman's.

The case was suddenly wide open. Police traced his call details and found that he was constantly in touch with Farzana, the wife of 35-year-old Rauf, who runs a fabrication business. Salman used to work for him.

Under interrogation, Farzana and Rauf admitted to plotting the murder of Salman and named two accomplices — Saddam and Zafar, say police. They, too, work for Rauf.
Police say Rauf found out about Farzana's relationship with Salman, asked her to call him to the Dharampuri jungle and killed him. They even changed his clothes to make it difficult to identify him, but they forgot about the ring, said investigators. "We have arrested the accused and handed them over to Dharampuri police," ASP Rupesh Dwivedi told TOI.

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