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Crime Patrol: Friend made him get HIV , so man kills his mother (Episode 829 on 14th July, 2017)

Anil and Shyam were RTV drivers who frequented the same brothel. Anil had sent an HIV positive sex worker to have intercourse with Shyam, who subsequently became infected. Seeking revenge, Shyam killed Anil's mother. The incident shocked the quiet neighborhood of Vijay Vihar Phase-II.

Shyam was arrested after months of investigation by the police. During his interrogation, he revealed that he had killed Anil's mother because he suspected that Anil had deliberately infected him with HIV. He was filled with rage and felt that the only way to get back at Anil was to hurt him in the worst possible way.

The police recovered a pair of scissors with a broken tip, which was the weapon used in the murder. Shyam had hidden it near the crime scene. Anil was devastated upon hearing the news of his mother's death and could not believe that his own actions had led to such a tragic consequence. The incident made him realize the gravity of his mistake, and he resolved to never take such actions again.

Shyam was sent to prison and Anil left the city, unable to bear the guilt of what he had done. The murder had shattered the peace of Vijay Vihar Phase-II, and the memory of the tragic incident lingered on in the minds of the people who lived there.

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