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The untold story of 3-year-old Nagpada girl’s abduction, kil (Ep 848/849 on 26/27 Aug, 2017 Crime Patrol Satark)

Zunera, a young girl from Nagpada, had gone missing for 19 days before the JJ Marg police found her body on a terrace next to a water tank on December 24. The police detained a neighbor and his college friend, who were said to be around 17, as suspects in the crime. They admitted to every detail of the crime: how the main accused knocked her unconscious with chloroform, how she started bleeding from her nose, and how he strangled her with a cell phone charger before concealing her body in plain sight.

They demanded Rs 1 crore as ransom from Zunera's father, who managed to negotiate with them to release the girl for Rs 28 lakh. Zunera's father now suspects that the main accused's family was involved in the crime, or at least its cover-up. He thinks that the accused's father deflected the investigators' attention away from their tenement, and after he returned from the vain search for his daughter, the accused's father approached him around midnight, suggesting that a medicine man near Mahim Dargah could find his daughter. Mumtaz, Zunera's father, believes that the accused's family helped him dump the body on the terrace and extended a lot of help to trace Zunera, even going to mosques in the area, asking them to make an announcement about his "missing sister."

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