Nasi Bhai and his wife lived with his Son Majid. Majid was frustrated as he was jobless. Majid had a good foriegn experience as he worked in Dubai. Majid's mother warns him not to drink alcohol. Majid forces his parents to move with him to Pune but they strictly deny. Nasir's neighbour Rajesh Gawde calls Cops. Majid writes a note before killing his parents. Why did Majid killed his parents?

Inside Story
DINDIGUL: A 30-year-old man brutally murdered his aged parents over a property dispute in Dindigul on Monday morning. The accused B Lingasamy had hit his father and mother with a spade leaving them dead. Police have launched a hunt for Lingasamy who fled the spot after the murder. The deceased were identified as Bose (61) of Muthukamanpatti near Nilakottai and his wife Pottiammal (58).

Police said that Bose had recently divided his farm and gave the property to his sons Lingusamy and Venkateswaran (32) who were married and living separately. Ever since the handing over of the property, Lingusamy was complaining that his brother got more share than him. He often picked up quarrels with his father demanding and equal share.

"In the morning, Lingusamy went to his father in an inebriated state and started quarrelling again demanding more share of the farm. As Lingusamy started addressing his father in a disrespectful manner, his brother Venkateswaram stepped in and attempted to pacify him. But a furious Lingusamy picked up a spade lying there and attacked Bose," said a police officer.

When his mother Pottiammal came to the rescue of Bose, Lingusamy attacked her too. Bose and Pottiammal suffered fatal head injuries and collapsed in a pool of blood. Even as a shocked Venkateswaran rushed to their rescue, Lingusamy managed to escape from the spot.