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Crime Patrol: Tripple Murder By Saleswoman Nidhi Verma (Episode 36 on 27th August 2011)

The Inside Story

Triple-Murder in Indore, Madhya Pradesh

Police in Indore, Madhya Pradesh have arrested three people, including a young woman, in connection with the sensational triple-murder that took place in the posh Srinagar Main area of the city three days ago. The "mastermind" behind the gruesome murders was 23-year-old NRA Verma, who, in order to make a quick buck, planned the murders of Ashlesha Deshpande (21), her mother Megha (42), and grandmother Rohini Phadke (70) on June 19 with the help of Rahul Choudhary (24) and Manoj Atodh (32), according to Indore Range Inspector General of Police Sanjay Rana.

A pistol and two knives, as well as the stolen cash and two ATM cards, were recovered from the accused, according to Rana. Neha, a beautician, befriended and asked Megha (42) to hire her as a member of her marketing chain. Neha, along with two of her accomplices, went to the Deshpande residence at Srinagar Main on June 19. The accomplices shot and slashed the women before fleeing with Rs 1.5 lakh, police said.

The police got a lead after they learned that Rahul, who accidentally fired at his foot while committing the crime, got himself admitted to a local hospital. The incident has shocked the city, and the police have been praised for their swift action in apprehending the culprits. The investigation is ongoing, and the police are examining all aspects of the case to bring the perpetrators to justice.


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