Crime Patrol: Krishna And His Group Of Friends Kidnaps Ravi - Episode 81 - 3rd February 2012

Krishna living in Uttar Pradesh reveals his dream to his father that he wants to become an IAS officer and for that he needs 1.5 lakhs rupees so that he can soon join the classes but his father strictly denies later Kashi reveals Krishna that he has an idea of worth 10 lakhs rupees and thus Krishna, Kashi and one of his friend visits 2 houses out of which one belonged to Rachna and other their tenants and kidnaps Ravi and injects chloroform in everybody's body. Ravi's parents gets an extortion call later, cops doubt on Rachna as kidnappers steals Rachna's cell phone. Will Rachna reveal the truth to Cops about Krishna's plan? Is she involved?

Crime Patrol: Krishna's Friends Decide To Kill Ravi - Episode 82 - 4th February 2012

An informer informs Cops about Kashi to cops thus they decide to search his house and also inquires about Kashi and his family in the Village later, Kashi again plans to call Mishra to prepare a bag of money later, an informer informs cops about Kashi's friend who is involve in the kidnapping and thus they visit the hospital where Munna works. Ravi's parents were shocked when the came to know that Rachna is involved later, Rach feels guilty and she commits suicide. Krishna leaves Ravi and Ravi inform his parents. Will cops succeed in tracking Krishna, Kashi and Munna?

Inside Story
Ruby Chaurasiya
15, May 2010, Ruby Chaurasia-a suspect in the abduction of income tax official Sanjeev Bainswar's son Aditya-allegedly committed suicide at her home in Lucknow's Krishna Nagar on Friday.
A suicide note was recovered from the room of the girl, whose family was staying as tenants in Bainswar's house. But it merely said no one should be held responsible for her death and did not state the reason for her taking the extreme step. According to the police, the mastermind of the crime, Chandrabhan, was Ruby's friend.

The girl, along with her parents and two brothers, was being questioned by the police since Wednesday night. On Thursday night, they were allowed to go home.

“It was mental pressure which pushed my sister to take such a drastic step,” said Ruby's elder brother Deepak, who works at a private firm. “Though the police did not ill-treat us, we had to stay in the police station for almost 24 hours.” He said his sister had been upset since she returned home on Thursday night. On Friday morning, Ruby was asked to make tea. When she did not return, her mother went to check on her and found her body in her room.

Eleven-year-old Aditya Vikram was kidnapped from home on Wednesday. The police rescued him the same evening. The kidnappers had first entered Chaurasia's part of the house, injected Ruby and her mother Suneeta with sedatives. Then they had gone into Bainswar's flat, sedated Aditya's mother Sarika and his tutor Manjit Kaur before carrying off the boy.

During investigation, police came to know that Chandrabhan was Ruby's friend and was a frequent visitor in the house. He is currently absconding.

“We are questioning several persons in the case and Ruby was one of them,” said Virender Kumar, Inspector, Krishna Nagar. “It was a part of the investigation to collect details about the kidnappers.”