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Crime Patrol: Hoshiarpur girl killed for honour, parents arrested (Episode 205 on 25th Jan 2013)

The Inside Story

Police Arrest Parents for Killing Daughter in Hoshiarpur, Punjab

The police have arrested the parents of a 25-year-old girl, Manpreet Kaur, from Subhanpur village, Hoshiarpur, Punjab for her murder on the pretext of honor killing. Manpreet's body was found near Baghora on Thursday. Her parents had claimed that she had gone to attend a ring ceremony in Mahilpur on Wednesday, but police investigations and phone call details revealed that she was at home until 7 pm on the same day.

Investigations revealed that the girl wanted to marry Sandip Kumar from Motian village, but her parents did not agree to it as he belonged to the SC community. On December 5, Manpreet insisted on meeting her paramour, and her parents called their acquaintance Satnam Singh to convince her. When she did not agree, Satnam hit her on the head with a sharp weapon, killing her on the spot. He later dumped her body on the Baghora road.

The police have arrested Satnam and Jaswinder Pal Singh of Meetpur, another acquaintance of the family who took Rs 1.50 lakh from them to manage an accident case. While Satnam's driver Gurinder is still at large, the police have recovered the car and weapon used in the crime. Manpreet's parents concocted the story of giving her jewelry and cash to make it look like the same had been looted.

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