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Crime Patrol: Punjab girl hires contract killers to eliminate parents for opposing her marriage (Episode 202, 203 on 18th-19th Jan 2013)

Part 1

Part 2

The Inside Story

Sangrur Police Arrest Young Girl and Contract Killers for Family Murder

In Sangrur, a young girl named Manpreet Kaur and five people she hired have been arrested by the police for attempting to eliminate her parents and brother. The motive behind the crime was her parents' disapproval of her relationship with a married man named Gurmeet Singh. Despite her parents' objections, Manpreet was determined to marry him and hired the killers with a promise of paying them Rs 5 lakh.

The contract killers attempted to kill the family members twice but failed both times. On the third attempt, they killed the family's domestic helper, Jarnail Singh, mistaking him for one of the targets. The killers were about to attack other family members when they woke up, forcing the killers to flee from the spot. The police have recovered three motorbikes, a pistol of 315 bore, and three cartridges from the accused.

During the interrogation, the accused confessed to their crime. Sangrur SSP Harcharan Singh Bhullar has constituted a special investigating team to probe the incident further. The police are also investigating the possible involvement of Manpreet's lover, Gurmeet Singh. The girl had paid Rs 70,000 to a fortuneteller as well, and the investigation is ongoing.

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