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Crime Patrol: Software engineer found dead in car (Episode 266 on 5th july 2013)

Crime Patrol Black Headlines Episode

The Inside Story

The Mysterious Case of the Man Who Faked His Murder

On a seemingly ordinary evening in Bangalore, Sreerag Subramanian, a software engineer, spoke to his mother in Palakkad, Kerala, before embarking on a perplexing sequence of events that would baffle the police. After dinner at his aunt's house, Sreerag returned to his flat and carried out a series of peculiar actions, including taping his legs together and covering his mouth with layers of tape and plastic. Tragically, he consumed a lethal dose of pills, setting the stage for a baffling investigation.

The next morning, residents of Mahadevapura discovered Sreerag's lifeless body in a locked car, giving the appearance of a murder. However, the presence of duct tape, scissors, and a car key next to him puzzled the authorities. Further inquiries revealed Sreerag's intense infatuation with a woman named Jenny kutty, whom he had never met in person. Their exchange of messages and lies led to heartbreak, and Sreerag, wanting to shield Jenny kutty from blame, staged his suicide to appear as murder.

Giving insight into his motivations, Sreerag's final email expressed his desire to protect Jenny kutty from potential consequences. With meticulous planning inspired by a TV show, he sought to bring closure to this chapter of his life while deflecting attention from his heartbreak. The tragic tale of Sreerag's faked murder highlights the complexities of human emotions and the lengths some may go to in order to shield those they care about.

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