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Paralysed man kills wife and son (Episode 50 on 30th June 2013)

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The Inside Story

Paralyzed Man Kills Wife and Son in Suspected Infidelity Case

In a shocking incident in Rohini Sec-22, Pocket-11, New Delhi, a 30-year-old paralyzed man, Nitin Maini, confessed to the murder of his wife and five-year-old son. The motive behind the crime was Maini's suspicion that his wife had remarried. After contacting the police himself, Maini was taken into custody and is currently under interrogation.

Maini admitted to strangling his wife, Sweta, and smothering his son, Garva, with a pillow. Although Sweta had indeed married someone else, she continued living with Maini, even celebrating their sixth wedding anniversary the day of the incident. It was during the festivities that Maini discovered his wife's illicit relationship when she received a call from her "second" husband. Enraged by this revelation, Maini allegedly committed the heinous act.

Maini's family members claim that Sweta's father was pressuring her to remarry after Maini's paralysis, and they suspect that Maini's insurance money played a role in the murders. However, these allegations are yet to be verified. This tragic incident highlights the destructive consequences of suspicion and jealousy within relationships and the devastating impact it can have on innocent lives.

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