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Crime Patrol: Kidney racket scandal in Gurgaon shocks India (Episode 385, 386 on 21st, 22nd June 2014)

Part 1

Part 2

The Inside Story

Gurgaon, Haryana, India

The Gurgaon Kidney Scandal: Organ Trafficking Uncovered

In January 2008, a shocking kidney transplant racket was exposed in Gurgaon, an industrial township near New Delhi. Following complaints from locals in Moradabad about illegal kidney sales, police conducted a raid on a residential building and a guest house owned by Amit Kumar, the main accused in the scandal. The victims, mostly impoverished individuals from western Uttar Pradesh, had their kidneys transplanted into clients from various countries.

The scandal had been ongoing for several years, with donors being enticed with promises of Rs. 30,000 for kidney removal. They were initially lured to the clinic under the guise of job opportunities but were then coerced into donating their organs. Those who resisted were forcibly drugged and subjected to surgeries against their will. The raid resulted in the rescue of five individuals who were promptly taken to a Gurgaon hospital.

Further investigations revealed that Dr. Amit Kumar, along with his associates, had conducted around 600 kidney transplants over the past decade. The police also discovered the involvement of two hospitals in post-operative care. It was uncovered that Kumar had a history of arrests for illegal organ trade, but had managed to secure release on bail multiple times. On February 7, 2008, Amit Kumar was apprehended in Nepal and faces charges of grievous hurt, wrongful confinement, cheating, and criminal conspiracy.


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