LUCKNOW: A 19-year-old Dalit girl was killed in Muzaffarnagar, allegedly by her father and brother, over her relationship with a youth.

Pratibha, a resident of Malira village, was spotted with the youth by the family. On Tuesday morning her body was found in the fields. Her head had been bashed in with bricks.

Police said she had been murdered on the spot.

This was the second such case to be reported from the district within a week.

Initially, the family alleged the girl was murdered by an unknown person when she went to the fields.

"We suspected the family's role and during investigation, it came out that the father had killed her," said Shravan Kumar, Superintendent of Police, City.

The police arrested the girl's father Jagpal and brother Pradeep, who, they say, have confessed to the crime.

The father, Jagpal said he did it for his "honour" as his daughter had threatened to elope if the family did not accept their relationship.

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