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Crime Patrol: Sordid love affair behind triple murder, one arrested (Episode 647, 648 on 15th, 16th Apr, 2016)

Udham Singh Nagar, Uttarakhand, Nov 27, 2022

Driver Held in Triple Murder Case; Love, Land Angles Come to Light

Police in Udham Singh Nagar have arrested two suspects, including car driver Sanjay Pant, in connection with the murder of three people from Premnagar. The victims - Rajendra Joshi, his mother Kamla Joshi, and his son Bhaskar Joshi - had gone missing while travelling to Pithoragarh from Dehradun in the car driven by Pant on November 27.

During the investigation, it was revealed that Pant had a relationship with Chanchal, the wife of Rajendra's brother, Deepak Joshi. Pant and Chanchal had plotted to acquire four bigha lands worth around Rs 5 crore that were registered in the name of Rajendra's father. Pant had allegedly shot Rajendra and his mother, while Bhaskar died from wounds inflicted on his throat and chest with a knife. Police found weapons and stolen gold items in Pant's possession.

The police had recovered the body of Bhaskar on November 29 in Sitarganj and the bodies of Rajendra and his mother Kamla later. Several teams from Udham Singh Nagar, Haridwar, Dehradun, SOG, and Uttar Pradesh were formed to investigate the case.

The Vilaspur police had recovered Rajendra's car, which was driven by Pant, on November 28. The diary found in the car contained mobile numbers that led the police to contact Pavan Joshi, Rajendra's relative in Pithoragarh. Deepak Joshi had registered a complaint stating that his nephew had been murdered and Rajendra and his mother were missing. A case was registered against unidentified persons in Sitarganj police station.

The police found that Pant had planned to marry Chanchal and bump off Deepak Joshi, Rajendra's brother, to acquire the coveted land. The investigation also revealed that Bhaskar had received ante-mortem injury and died due to excessive bleeding. The report also revealed possible animal biting on the child. The police recovered weapons like a pistol, bullets, and a knife from Pant's possession.

It's a shocking incident that highlights the extent to which people can go for love and money. The police deserve credit for their prompt action and meticulous investigation that led to the arrest of the suspects.

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