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Crime Patrol: Suspected Revenge Killing: Man Found Dead in Dehradun Apartment (Episode 749 on 23rd December, 2016)

Dehradun. An unknown attacker brutally killed a young man by stabbing him to death in the capital. After committing the murder, the suspect fled, leaving a message written on the wall in blood stating, "The deceased raped my sister." The police have launched an investigation into the case.

The incident took place in the Green Valley Apartments located in the Rajpur police station area. The victim, Neeraj Kumar, who was residing in a rented room in Jnanendra Kumar Verma's house, was killed by an unknown attacker late at night, who then fled the scene.

Neeraj Kumar was originally from Muradabad, Uttar Pradesh, and was looking for work in Dehradun. At the time of the incident, the house owner had gone to Delhi for some work, and when the cleaning staff tried to open Dheeraj's room for cleaning, they did not get a response. The maid informed the owner, who then looked inside from the back door and discovered the incident.

When the police arrived at the scene after receiving information, the house owner informed them that Neeraj had received a message on his phone stating that his maternal uncle had come to visit him, but he too had been missing since the incident.

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