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Crime Patrol: Illegal abortion racket busted in Sangli; 19 female foetuses found dumped in sewer (Ep 914, 915 on 28th, 29th April, 2018)

Illegal Abortion and Female Foeticide Racket Exposed: Shocking Revelations in the Case of Dr. Balasaheb Khidrapure

Dr Balasaheb Khidrapure, a homeopath from Sangli district's Mhaisal village on the Maharashtra-Karnataka border, was arrested for running an illegal abortion and female foeticide racket. Investigation revealed that he had a well-equipped hospital with an operation theater in the basement. Khidrapure was legally not allowed to conduct surgeries, and the police suspected a Maharashtra-Karnataka cross-border racket. This led to the arrest of 12 people, including three doctors. They had appointed agents who would get cases to the doctors. The patients in Maharashtra were sent to Karnataka and vice versa to avoid suspicion.

Patients underwent tests in several hospitals before the abortion was conducted. Instead of conducting the abortions in an operation theatre, a temporary hut would be built where the patient would undergo surgery and could stay for further treatment. Sometimes, the compounder or the nurse would perform the abortion.

After the abortion, they would bury the foetus or flush it down the toilet with acid or feed it to the dogs. An agent revealed, "Doctors would charge Rs 25,000 per abortion. There are times when the patients would be informed that it was a female foetus, when it was male, just for the money." The arrest unfolded a horrifying tale of female foeticide in Maharashtra and Karnataka.
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